Thursday, March 21, 2013

The bias of #bigdata - move towards Data With Depth #dwd #hcsm

This is a great presentation by Kate Crawford

Algorithmic Illusions: Hidden Biases of Big Data

interspersed with some nice visuals (a silhouette illusion - a Kinetic bistable optical illusion that lacks visual clues for depth - the spinning cat!) to make the point that big data. The point being there are ways we see data and potentially the wrong picture.

So the belief that with Big Data we get closer to truth does not necessarily hold true in all cases.

"With enough data, the numbers speak for themselves" Chris Anderson, 2008

Beep....beep....beep....back the truck up
Numbers don't speak for themselves. We (the people) and int he case of clinicians are the ones that interpret the data. Big data is not the complete answer - it is a form of

Epistemological blindness

So we ned to think about how we bring big data alongside small data.....hmmm perhaps taking the history and talking to the patient concurrent with big data analysis might provide a better, clearer picture

Move from #BigData to Data with Depth #dwd

You can watch it here or if the embedded version below:
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