Wednesday, April 4, 2012

American College of Radiology joins 8 others in recommendations to reduce waste

9 Colleges launched an initiative to reduce waste in the healthcare system and the details can be found at Choosing Wisely website. Tune in on Friday at 2:30 ET when I will be  joined by Dr William (Bill) Boonn (@wboonn) who is:

We will be discussing upcoming regulations and dosage reporting requirements and the impact technology can have in mitigating these additional reporting requirements btu will also plan on talking about the recommendations fromt eh American College of Radiology on "Choosing wisely"

Don’t do imaging for uncomplicated headache.
Don’t image for suspected pulmonary embolism (PE) without moderate or high pre-test probability.
Avoid admission or preoperative chest x-rays for ambulatory patients with unremarkable history and physical exam.
Don’t do computed tomography (CT) for the evaluation of suspected appendicitis in children until after ultrasound has been considered as an option.
Don’t recommend follow-up imaging for clinically inconsequential adnexal cysts.

Join me on Friday at 2:30pm at #voiceofthedoctor

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