Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Former Apple CEO on Future of Medical Technology

Nice piece on FastCompany Former Apple CEO John Sculley On The Future Of Medical Technology And Health Care's Killer App 
As a trail blazer for original tablets in the 80's it must be gratifying to see the uptake of the iPad and it's competitors. In his mind not going to start with a single "killer app"

I think that the health care industry is so complex that it doesn't necessarily start with a single killer app. You go back to the early days of the personal computer--when I joined the industry, we really didn't know what the killer app was going to be. All we knew was that it was going to be possible to create very low-cost, shrink-wrapped applications. It wasn't for several years until we understood that electronic spreadsheets, word processors, and eventually desktop publishing would become killer apps.

But some combination of a solutions integrated and focused on ease of use. The technology has reached a point of penetration and ease of use that makes adoption that much easier in healthcare

So the intimidation of technology is no longer the issue now that it was just a few years ago.

I'd add one thing - the disruptive technology must include ease of interaction and data capture that does not inhibit adoption and as highlighted in this piece on MedScape EHR Voice Recognition: An End to the 'No Eye Contact' Problem which highlights the significant contribution of effectively speech enabling EHRs to

allows for maintenance of the doctor-patient relationship by minimizing the attention paid to the laptop computer inevitably and uncomfortably sitting between a physician and patient when using the point-and-click method

The same is true with other healthcare technology that can interfere with the clinician-patient interaction. As John Sculley said: "You combine those conditions and it creates an opportunity for entrepreneurs to come in and find disruptive solutions."

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