Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Doctor is Alwasy In

80% of the planet have a cell phone - the latest challenge creating an artificial intelligence that can diagnose patients better than board certified doctors

Burt Rutan (chief of Scaled Composites) astronaut Brian Binnie managed to show the world that space travel was possible in October 2004 with SpaceShipOne's second flight
into suborbital space within five days of the first flight
thanks in no small part to eh Ansari X-Prize foundation challenge

The foundation is setting up many other prizes with the Tricoder Prize targeting healthcare accessibility through mobile platform diagnostics

mobile solution that can inexpensively diagnose patients by combining expert systems and medical point-of-care data—such as lab-on-a-chip or wireless sensors, provide a recommended course of treatment, and upload all relevant data to the cloud.

Coming to a phone near you......

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