Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Nuance Self Service Mobile Developer Platform Announced Today

Nuance announced the launch of the Dragon Mobile SDK for iOS and Android via a new self-service website as part of the Nuance Mobile Developer Program.
>>>>Now mobile developers are able to quickly and easily leverage the powerful dictation and voice search capabilities at the core of the successful Dragon Dictationand Dragon Search apps, as well as Nuance’s trusted Vocalizer text-to-speech (TTS). 
In line with the explosion of mobile applications and similar to the model for Apple's Developer Application (XCode) the SDK is available (for both Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch iOS 4.0 and for Android v2.1 and higher. Supporting multiple languages the offering provides instant access to "easy-to-integrate prepackaged wrappers and widgets for rapid inclusion of voice recognition into their applications, all through a self-service website. Developers also have access to an on-line forum for additional support, a variety of code samples and full documentation."
And all for free! Leveling the developer playing field and fostering innovation of speech enabled apps so that as Michael Thompson, SVP and GM of Nuance Mobile Division put it:
"If you can imagine it you can speech enable it"