Thursday, October 14, 2010

Physical examination a dying art that needs to be resurrected

In a timely piece from the NY Times featuring Dr Verghese who continues to demo strategy and teach medical students that the physical examination is an essential part of the clinician patient interaction. 

At Stanford, Dr. Abraham Verghese on a mission to bring back something he considers a lost art: the physical exam.

In what seems much like the House brilliance of observation combined with a ready wit and and extensive knowledge of medicine Dr. Abraham Verghese vividly demonstrates the value and contribution of the physical examination and worries that the skill is being lost in American medicine and is not being taught to medical students in the US. 

The physical exam should not be relegated to history books and while time pressures make spending time on this intimate interaction difficult the rewards are not just found in more clinical information but also closer links to patients. 

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